Monday Motivation #93 — Student Takeover! (03/07/2022)

Three Things to Try This Week

Live longer — Studies have shown that people who feel more connected to other people have lower levels of anxiety and depression. Besides, they are more trusting and open to collaboration. Having a social life can be challenging for some people, but maintaining a sense of community and support can make you live longer and better (not only for you, but also for the people around you). Check out the benefits and how you can do that.

More Resources

  • Chimarrão and churrasco are big traditions from the state of Rio Grande do Sul, in the South of Brazil. It is famous worldwide and there are a few restaurants in Detroit where you can try churrasco and feijoada, like Fogo de Chão, Gaucho Steakhouse, and Texas de Brazil.
  • Throughout the course of my PhD I had to deal with anxiety and depression, which was even harder during the pandemic. Getting appropriate support was essential for me to get through difficult times and continue pursuing my goals. If you feel tired all the time, you are constantly afraid something bad will happen to you and don’t feel joy about anything, you might be experiencing that. I recommend that you talk with someone and get appropriate support. You may get support from MSU Employee Assistance Program (I did and it helped me a lot).



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Katy Luchini Colbry

Katy Luchini Colbry

wanted to send a few supportive emails to her students, but ended up with a weekly blog. Follow along to see how long it takes her to run out of stories….