Monday Motivation #111 (7/11/22)

Three Things to Try This Week

Find your People — wondering where to find (and find time for) friends in the midst of studies and research? Check out this advice for building friendships as a graduate student.

More Resources

  • Make new friends and learn about fun activities at the Fall Welcome Events for Graduate Students, hosted by the Graduate School and the Council for Graduate Students. Learn more about the resource fair and cookout on August 27, and the professional development workshops that week, on the Grad School’s website.
  • Going to be here in Fall 2022? Make sure that you’ve enrolled in classes and/or research credits! Instructions on how to use the new enrollment system are available here:
  • Starting in Fall 2022, the Graduate School is adjusting the deadlines for submitting your final thesis or dissertation in order to graduate. Learn more here:



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Katy Luchini Colbry

Katy Luchini Colbry


wanted to send a few supportive emails to her students, but ended up with a weekly blog. Follow along to see how long it takes her to run out of stories….