Happy Monday!

This morning, I discovered that I’m kind of awesome at laser tag! Or, at least, I’m really good when playing against the shorter and less experienced people in my family. ;)

I made this discovery during an adventure I undertook with some reluctance: supervising 10 kids at a…

Happy Monday!

We’ve made it to finals week! Many of you are taking tests and wrapping up projects over the next few days, while others are prepping for the grading marathon. A couple dozen students are defending their thesis this semester, and many others are wrapping up experiments and paper…

Happy Monday!

I had an interesting conversation with a graduate student last week about regrets. We were talking about what the student might want to do after graduation, and the pros and cons of working in industry versus academia, and how to go about making these big life decisions.


Happy Monday!

Last week was hard. Nothing terrible happened, but there were lots of mistakes and aggravations and challenges, at work and at home. It was a really busy week, in a unusually busy month, in what feels like a very long semester.

One day I started work with a…

Happy Monday!

When I was a graduate student, my younger brother gave me a DVD player for Christmas. At the time, that was a fancy, relatively expensive gift — certainly something far beyond my budget for holiday shopping. But my brother had started his first “real” job after college and…

Welcome to November!

As a kid, I thought my grandpa was a farmer. He had a tidy house that looked like all the others on their suburban street in Dearborn Heights — at least until you walked around back. The backdoor had a grape arbor, and there were tiny greenhouses…

Katy Luchini Colbry

wanted to send a few supportive emails to her students, but ended up with a weekly blog. Follow along to see how long it takes her to run out of stories….

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